Pricing Policy

What savings are available at the airport?

We use the following terminology to assist you in understanding the prices we are showing on our website and in our stores.

Airport Price £:

is the price you pay

Average High Street Price (AHSP) £:

is the notional UK High Street price of the relevant product, being the average of price for the same product from an independent survey of a number of high street stores. Further details of the prices levied in other high street stores are available in Biza stores

Saving £:

means the difference between the Airport price and the UK High Street £.

Airport exclusive price £:

is the price that we charge for items that are exclusive to Biza and/or to other travel retailers, for example, a product might be exclusive to Biza for a selected period (which will be detailed), or a product might not be available to purchase anywhere else on the UK High Street.

Specific savings

This section relates to discounted savings such as 20% or 40% detailed on this website.
The saving is calculated as set out above.

Sale goods

Products that have been discounted as sale items have been on sold at the higher price for at least 28 days in the previous six months in the same store. Where this is not the case, these products will be clearly identified in store.

Duty Free/Tax Free

For more information on the "Duty Free" goods and goods sold at "Tax Free Prices" please click here...

Flying outside of the EU - Green label goods

If you are flying outside of the European Union (see below), look out for this green label as it denotes extra savings for you. Flying outside of the EU (see below) means you could save up to 50% off the UK high street price of spirits.

Outside the EU

The European Union

Passengers travelling to countries which are within the tax territory of the EU cannot take advantage of the green label pricing offers.
For more information on the tax territory of the EU, please click here...

For all passengers

...wherever you are flying
• Some products are exclusive to Biza - including sunglasses, confectionary, watches and gifts.
• Everyone can save up to 20% off, wines and champagne and a range of spirits brands.
The Saving is calculated as set out above.