P20 - The Original Once a Day Sun Protection

Once Applied – Protected All DayP20 Once a Day

P20 the original once a day sun protection contains both UVA and UVB filters, providing sun protection for up to 10 hours. P20 uses a unique, alcohol-based formulation that sets it apart from traditional cream-type sun products. The very water resistant formula is clear, non-greasy, fragrance and paraben free, to provide the ultimate coverage, both in and out of the water.

Once a day application

P20 is designed to ensure one application a day is sufficient, keeping the time spent reapplying sun protection to a minimum. Due to its photostability, the filters in the product do not break down when exposed to sunlight, meaning it retains its SPF (Sun Protection Factor) which will remain effective for up to 10 hours. An SPF 20 will absorb 95% of the sun’s UVB (burning) rays. These filters also protect against the effects of UVA rays which can accelerate the signs of ageing.

Once a day application means a little goes a long way, making P20 more economical than other sun preparations that need to be re-applied regularly during the day.

P20 Paddling in the sea

Superior water resistance

The once a day formula is proven to remain effective even after frequent swimming. P20 has been categorised as 'Very Water Resistant', the highest classification available under the European health and beauty industry body COLIPA’s guidelines for water resistance.

Easy to use

P20’s formulation gives it a thin consistency, ensuring an even and economic coverage. It is absorbed rapidly by the top layer of the skin and does not result in messy white streaks, common with cream based products. P20 is active 15 minutes after application.

P20 is the perfect sun protection when outdoors, from men with thinning hair or women under make up to sports enthusiasts, elite athletes and those working outside all day.

P20 is available now in all Biza stores priced at £20.80 each. 

P20 Sunglounger on the beach