Reasons to Buy

1. Everyone can save up to 20% off selected UK High Street prices on fragrance.

We have a vast range of fragrances that have savings of 20% against the average high street price1 Here is just a small selection of fragrances with this offer.

2. Everyone can save up to 20% off UK High Street Prices on champagne.

Great value for money from some of Champagne's largest producers.

3. 100cl for the price of 70cl on Whiskies.

Explore our main stores and receive more liquor for your money.

4. Exclusive products to travel retail.

Unique products that you won't be able to find on the high street!

5. Knowledgeable sale staff.

Our staff are happy to help. We offer a service level that is second to none.

6. Excellent customer service.

Occuring in store or after-sale via our customer service team, contact our support team.

7. Great refund guarantee.

The Worldwide Money Back Guarantee means you can return items from anywhere in the world within 60 days of purchase together with your receipt.

8. Fantastic product choice.

We have over 10,000 products including many specialised whiskies, fragrances, cosmetics and fashion accessories.


9. No liquid restriction once through security.

Once through security and into the departure gates you can take liquid on board (Except Australia and subject to Customs Allowances compliance for your destination).

10. Return + Collect.

We take care of your purchases until your return - This service is free and is available to passengers flying wthin the tax territory of the European Union.

1 See Pricing policy for more information.