One Water

One Difference logoAs you read this 1.1 billion people around the world are living without adequate access to water and 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation.

Biza Tax & Duty Free are working with One to help tackle this shocking statistic.

One Water was the brainchild of UK philanthropist and entrepreneur Duncan Goose. Like many great ideas this one was born when drinking with friends in a London pub, discussing the shocking statistic that there are currently over 1 billion people around the world living without access to clean drinking water. Everyone agreed something needed to be done. Late night drinking lead to some late night thinking and the birth of a bright idea. To create a new brand of bottled water and to give the profit away.


The One Foundation is One’s charitable arm, distributing the profits from the products they sell. Biza have partnered The One Foundation since 2007, selling One Water and One Jute bags, the proceeds of which fund their innovative PlayPumps. These are unique water pumping systems which use children’s roundabouts to draw fresh, clean water from deep underground into storage tanks for use by entire communities.

Biza and it's customers are now funding one PlayPump every week! You too can help make a difference by purchasing One Water or a One Jute bag in any of our stores at airports across the UK. 

Biza have been selling One Water and Jute bags since 2007. Since then we have raised over £1 million which has helped fund:


  • 85 water projects in four countries across Sub-Saharan Africa
  • £160,000 towards the Emergency East Africa Fund
  • A nuts and seeds project in Malawi
  • Kalembo Food Security & HIV Support Project
  • Machinga Schools Improvement Project

One are different because 100% of their profit goes towards life-changing projects in developing countries.

One Water projects