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<p>Perrier Jouet vineyards in Champagne were founded by a couple who fell in love with the vineyards of Champagne, this is why it is now known as the world's most passionate Champagne. A beautiful bottle with intricate flower designs encase this fantastic Champagne. <br></p>
<p>A true classic of the Champagne World. In the 17th century, Dom Pierre Pérignon, the cellar master of the Abbey of Hautvilliers in Epernay developed an extraordinary wine. Now, made exclusively from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, Don Perignon is produced only in exceptional vintage years. <br mce_bogus="1"></p>
<p>Refreshing, silky and creamy to the palate, the initial sip is sweet with a mixture of sugared almonds, marzipan and hints of dried fruits. Gentle peat oils well up on the palate, remaining soft, clean and dry with a dusting of powdery parma violets. Tangy lemon juice and orange rind freshen the palate with a gentle fizz. Later tingling spices and creamy cappuccino bring a gentle warmth.</p>
<p><b>Travel Retail Exclusive</b></p><p><br></p><p>The flavour is initially sweet as Christmas cake begins to soak into the tongue. A burst of winter spices sets off a smoky-spicy explosion countered by a sumptuous mid-palate of honey glazed smoked food and chewy treacle. Waves of deep smoky tones and rich aromas build up on the palate like a fine Montecristo cigar.</p>
<p><b>Travel Exclusive.</b></p><p><br></p><p>The first plunge brings forth chewy peppered steak soaked in pepper sauce with the tang of crispy seaweed. As you descend deeper, encounter a mouthful of black tarry espresso coffee that coats the palate with rich melted dark fruits and bitter almonds. As the taste soaks in deeper, star anise and hickory dry out the palate before a surprise of chalky effervescent violets fizz to the surface.<br></p>
<p>Initially spicy oak notes and rich vibrant vanilla. Hints of sawn wood and dried fruits, raisins and apricots. With time, some softer toffee notes appear, caramelised pear and gentle fragrant floral aromas.&nbsp;<br></p>
<p>A true rarity for discerning connoisseurs. This embodies the true essence and creativity of the Martell brand. A double distillation of the finest eau-de-vie and classy combination of the four finest growths, Grand Champagne, Petite Champagne, Fins Bois and Borderies. The liquid enjoys amber colour with hints of shimmering mahogany. The complex aromas of fruited candy, sweet spices and gingerbread are created by a unique mix of borderies and grand champagne. A truly unique proposition. <br></p>
<p>Deep amber, with noticeable viscosity, the first scents you pick up are waxy and fruity with light vanilla – tinned peaches and ice-cream – with a bosky sprinkle of spice. After a while a delicate citric note appears (mandarin oranges – one of Glenmorangie’s key-notes – and lime flowers) and traces of planed oak, or maybe a subtle thread of wood-smoke? A drop of water relaxes the spirit and opens mineralic doors: bath salts, Love-Heart sweeties (sherbet) and a hint of lime.</p>
<p>A new premium gin from England. Oxley Gin is made using the unusual 'Cold Distillation' technique which employs a vacuum to remove the pressure from within the still lowering the temperature to below 5 degrees. The advntage of this is with the use of fresh fruit - in this case grapefruits, oranges and lemons. The juniper flavour is sweeter and less pine-like. Available at Heathrow Terminal 3, Heathrow Terminal 5 and Gatwick South.<br></p>