Clarins Breakthrough Extra-Firming Day

Clarins Extra-Firming Day CreamWhat is Clarins' breakthrough?

Clarins Research has broadened its anti-ageing investigations and for the first time is focusing on what causes loss of firmness and the appearance of wrinkles at the level of the dermis and the epidermis.

Extra-Firming Day Cream

At the level of the dermis - the skin's "support mattress" - Extra-Firming Day Cream not only works on all the fibres and cells that helps firm the skin but also on the connections that anchor these fibres to the skin cells. These connections enable the skin to stretch and compress and to resist the effects of time without fracturing.

What are the effects?

Skin is smoothed and firmed, features are tightened and the complexion is left looking radiant. Use the Extra-Firming Day Cream for an immediate lifting effect and to help achieve firmer skin day after day.

Clarins breakthrough test results

Effectiveness tests

What do the test results show?

- Going further in terms of effectiveness. Clarins re-invents firmness.
- Extra-Firming Day Cream: keeps its promises.
- Clarins Laboratories tested the Multi-Régénérante Extra-Firming day cream on 77 women aged 40 and above for 4 weeks.

Clarins Extra-Firming Day CreamIngredients

The new formulations of Extra-Firming creams respect Clarins' sustainable development policy:“Favouring plant materials, organic ingredients, locally cultivated plants and, if they come from afar, fair trade products.”

Active ingredients in the new Day formula include four organic plant extracts:

- Oat sugar - helps to instantly smooth and tighten features
- Extract of lemon thyme - helps protect skin's elasticity
Extract of green banana - helps to enhance the synthesis of collagen and helps anchors collagen fibres to cells in the dermis.
Bocoa extract - promotes the synthesis of collagen

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